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INFO 2. Specializing in a Niche and Developing a Themed Account to Create Value

Specializing in a Niche and Developing a Themed Account to Create Value

To create an effective social media marketing strategy, you must first start by listening to what is going on in your niche. To do so, you must first identify and specialize your niche. Once you have identified and specialized in your niche, you can determine what value is demanded by the people in your niche and how you can provided that value by making your niched Instagram themed. Let’s get into it...


Step One: Identify and Specialize in your Niche


All too often, when we ask a client for our growth service, what is your niche on Instagram? We will get- oh I’m a makeup artist. Or I’m a personal trainer. Or I’m a cake decorator. But people do not go deeper.


Being specialized and high quality in your specific niche is far more valuable than claiming to do ten vastly different things poorly. Instead of, “I’m a cake decorator,” how about:


“I’m a cake decorator who specializes in birthdays and weddings.”

or better yet…

“I’m a cake decorator who specializes in formal birthday events and elegant weddings.”


Why is it important to specialize in this way? Because being more specialized will make others see you as an expert in your specific field rather than as someone with general abilities. If you’re trying to be the ‘jack of all trades’ to all followers, your understanding of what value your potential followers are demanding will most likely be perceived as shallow.

By specializing in your niche, you can give your prospects the confidence that will predispose them to read your captions from start to finish, double tap on your posts, and become avid followers that may eventually purchase from you instead of purchasing from more generally-focused competitors. When you are specialized within your niche, someone that is looking for a cake decorator for their wedding will be more likely to find you on Instagram.


Being specialized establishes your credibility on Instagram. Once you’ve really pinpointed your niche, you can begin to focus on developing a theme within your niche that will allow you to provide the value that makes your page more appealing to potential followers on Instagram.


Step Two: Why and How to Develop a Niched Theme that Provides Value


The Why:


Whether you have just started fresh on Instagram or already have an established page you’re struggling to grow, it is vital to be cognizant of your niche and find what does well in your niche on Instagram. When you determine what does well, stick to that!


In order for a niched Instagram profile to entice people within that niche to engage, it is important to first ask yourself: 


“What theme do I want to follow to provide value within this niche on Instagram?”


Too many people make the mistake of not going deeper than just declaring what niche they are in. If you have a business in fitness niche, the theme of your Instagram page should not just be all about you as a fitness personality, or your fitness business... Rather, your niched Instagram page should provide value that is interesting on its own through a specified theme.


This way, your Instagram page will attract people to you or your business simply because the value your Instagram page provides is associated with you or your business, not because your page is all about your business. Nobody wants to hear someone talk about themselves or their business incessantly, on every post, while providing no other valuable content.


When your page has a specified theme (such as fitness tutorials), this allows your page to stand independent of your business (because tutorials are interesting on their own). Here’s a good test to find out if you’re themed well enough: If you took your brand’s name out of the equation, would your page fall apart? Then you are not providing enough value. If you took your brand’s name out of the equation and your Instagram page is still valuable, then you are providing enough value.


The How:


If you’re having trouble developing a theme for your page, consider this; you will see a pattern within each niche on Instagram- common themes among the most successful Instagram pages within that niche.


For example, if you look into the fitness niche on Instagram, you will find that a theme within that niche that tends to perform well and go viral is educational- tutorial workout videos, guides, explanatory captions etc. Similarly, in the makeup niche, a viral worthy theme is video tutorials with music in the background. Meanwhile, a motivational theme tends to perform well in the entrepreneur niche.


Now we’re not saying you have to create something like original tutorial videos daily, that’s a lot of work. An easy way to maintain your theme is to simply repost other relevant pics or videos. So long as you credit the owner, there is nothing taboo about reposting content. To read more about how to repost content the right way, please visit How to Create Quality Content Consistently.


Be consistent:


Once you find what theme is receptive by people in your niche, stick to it. Do not have five posts in a row that celebrate your second cousin’s birthday. More likely than not, the people that followed you for fitness do not care. A post every now and then is ok to inject some personality, but people are creatures of habit. Staying in your niche and being consistent with your selected theme for your account will allow you to be better able to define and then reach your target followers.

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