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Guide Day 7

Day 7. Instagram Engagement Groups.

Alright boys and girls, we covered a lot of must know Instagram growth strategies so far. But today we’re going to cover something a bit unconventional, known to some as a growth “hack” - Instagram engagement groups.



Whether you’re an advanced Instagram marketer or just starting out on Instagram, chances are that you probably haven’t heard about engagement groups.


Either way we definitely encourage you to stick around to read this post, because we have some good stuff in store for you. 


Engagement groups are basically low-key, tightly knit group conversations within Instagram, where everybody participating in these groups are willing to like and/or comment on other members’ posts in exchange for their own posts getting liked and/or commented.


[Day 7/7] Exploring engagement groups.


So how do engagement groups work?


The groups usually agree on “like sessions” or "rounds" where once a day all the group members like each others pictures.


While the likes traded within a group are not at all “real” likes from your target market, these likes certainly help you reach your target market further.


The benefit of engagement groups:


The likes traded will drastically increase your engagement rate so that you are more discoverable all across Instagram, from the explore page, to hashtags and more.


While being more discoverable on Instagram is certainly a huge upside to joining engagement groups, there are also some downsides to consider.


The downside of engagement groups:


If you join a group, consider it a big commitment. There are normally very strict rules to adhere to.


Now of course, these rules will vary from group to group, but a rule that you will see often is that you NEED to participate in every like trading session.


If you don’t, you’re kicked from the group. These rules are in place because in order for the group to work the likes need to be reciprocal. If people get lazy and don’t perform their share of likes, then people are giving likes without receiving them and everybody loses motivation to actually participate.


So how do you get into one of these exclusive groups?


That’s a tough question. Most of these groups like to stay anonymous (for obvious reasons), so your best bet would be to simply ask around on accounts that seem like they might be in a group. Another option is to simply Google search for Instagram groups, or “pods” and apply to one.


Most groups will make you apply, and will normally require you to be in the same niche or to have a similar follower amount.


If you can find an engagement group that is legitimate and they accept your application, definitely give it a shot. While they aren’t absolutely required to grow your Instagram, these groups will definitely give you an edge on your competition.


Being that this is the last email in our 7 step series, we wanted to ask you guys...


Would you be interested in joining an engagement group if we were able to point you in the right direction?


If so, let us know! We have some options for those who are interested in this sort of thing.


But that wraps up our 7 lesson guide! We hope you learned a lot, and we will continue to give you our best info as Instagram grows and changes.


Now go get some followers!


- Engagement Genie Team

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