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Guide Day 5

Day 5. Engagement Rate.

What does your engagement rate look like? Don’t know? Let’s fix that. Today we’re going to find out what an engagement rate is and determine what engagement rate you currently have on your Instagram account. Why is this so important?


guide day five.PNG

Because if you have a bad engagement rate, you literally become invisible. No matter how hard you work, you can’t overcome the struggles of being invisible.


Now there’s a flip side to this coin - if you have a good engagement rate, Instagram will take it upon themselves to promote you organically. It’s hard to lose when Instagram themselves are on your side.


Yesterday, we left off with explaining how quality content is what gets people to want to follow you. Today we’re going to talk about something that can possibly put everything you’ve worked for in the trash. Scary, we know. It’s what we call Instagram’s limited visibility pit of despair - otherwise known as a poor engagement rate.


[Day 5/7] How to ensure your engagement rate is healthy enough to pursue growth. 


Why having a good engagement rate is what will make or break you on Instagram:


gfr math.PNG

Instagram’s new algorithm is all based on engagement. To have a good engagement rate, you want as many of your followers liking or commenting on your posts as possible.


An Instagram account with 5k followers that gets an average of 2.5k likes & comments on each pic has an incredible engagement rate of 50%. This means half of their followers are regularly engaging.


An account equal in size (5k) that only gets 100 likes/comments per photo would have a poor engagement rate of 2%.


A good engagement rate shows Instagram that you make good content that your followers value, so Instagram’s algorithm will not only put you at the top of your followers’ feeds but will also make you more visible for new followers on both the explore page and popular hashtags in your niche. Instagram will literally promote you if you maintain a good engagement rate.


Now on the flip side of that, if you have a lot of ghost followers that don’t interact with your content, this tells Instagram you don’t make good content, so they limit your organic discoverability. This is the limited visibility pit of despair. The lower your engagement rate, the more they limit your content. The more they limit your content, the lower your engagement rate.


It’s a vicious cycle.



NOTE: If you’ve ever purchased fake followers in the past (and don’t worry, a lot of people have) then you are guaranteed to have a lot of ghost followers. Fake followers are automatically ghost followers, because they will never engage with you- they’re not real. If you’ve purchased fake followers en mass, they will sink your page like lead on a boat.


But there is a way out! Fix your engagement rate, climb out of the pit of despair. But that leaves us with one question...


So, how do I fix my engagement rate?


Two steps. Up your content quality and remove followers who are inactive on your posts. 


First, fix the poor content that got you into the limited visibility pit of despair in the first place (if your ghost followers are real people who decided to not engage with you). This is why emails 1 - 4 were all about branding yourself and creating quality content. You cannot grow a page without a strategy. If you’re in the pit because of poor content, you’re there because your followers don’t care to interact with you. Follow the directions in emails 1 - 4 to better position yourself for Instagram growth.


If you post quality content now but did not always post quality content since the creation of your account, then you have probably accumulated a lot of ghost followers in the process of making your strategy. OR if you purchased fake followers, you're deep in the pit regardless of your content quality. Either way, the next step towards fixing your engagement rate is the same:


Step two is to do some clean up work and remove the followers who are not interacting (otherwise known as ghost followers).


Removing your ghost followers on Instagram can be done manually if you have the time, or you can hire a company like us to do it for you. But be careful if you choose to go the manual route, because if you analyze your followers incorrectly, you may end up blocking a lot of real followers.


Once real followers are blocked, that takes away any likes and comments they have ever given you. So, yes you can remove ghost followers manually, but proceed with caution as accidentally removing real ones can be detrimental to your account.


To remove ghost followers yourself and manually improve your engagement rate here’s what you have to do:


  1. Comb through your followers one-by-one, it’s helpful to keep track of them on a list or in Google sheets to document if they are engaged or not

  2. On Instagram’s mobile app, you can open up the list of likes on your last 30 posts and use the search tool to check if each follower has liked any 1 of your last 30 posts

  3. Check to see if each follower has ever commented on any 1 of your last 30 posts

  4. If the follower has never liked or commented on any 1 of your last 30 posts, they are a ghost follower

  5. View their profile and then block & unblock them to effectively remove them from your followers list

  6. Repeat with your remaining followers until…

  7. Voila, no more ghost followers and an improved engagement rate!


It will definitely take some time to sift through your followers and do some cleanup, but if you have a small account, it is feasible to get all your ghost followers removed in one several hours sit down session.


Now, we realize if you have a more substantial follower count, going through a list of thousands of people and checking each one manually may not be feasible.  


For these accounts, we recommend using our one time Ghost Follower Removal service to clean up your account. Click here for more information on moving forward with this.


If you’ve made it this far, you’re finally ready to grow your Instagram. So far we have learned:


  1. The theory behind first making your page appealing, before attracting followers in.

  2. How to determine your niche and theme

  3. How to utilize branding to stay memorable

  4. How to create killer content

  5. How to ensure your engagement rate is healthy enough to pursue growth


Now that you’ve implemented these steps, or at least know how to do so, you’re finally prepped and primed to start going after some followers. After all the work you’ve put in, or plan on putting in, you’ll have the perfect environment to grow a HUGE following.


Which brings us to an awesome lesson… Getting your page some well deserved exposure :)


See you tomorrow!


- Engagement Genie Team

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