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Guide Day 3

Day 3. Branding & Why You Better be Doing it!

Here you are on day 3! We’re nearly half way there to knowing the essentials of growing an Insta page. Brace your brain for more Insta knowledge, because this email is an important one.


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Branding involves creating a unique name and image for yourself in your target followers’ minds. Branding gets people to remember just who the heck you are. Why is branding important?


Because having an awesome page is pointless if nobody remembers your name!


If they can’t remember your name, they won't be able to search for you later, and will end up navigate to another awesome page, whose name they remember. A page who did branding better than you.


We’re not going to let this happen!


When another Instagram user is deciding whether or not to follow you, it takes 5 to 10 seconds of reading your bio, viewing your profile picture, and skimming through your posts to make that decision—they evaluate your personal brand in all of 10 seconds. This is why branding yourself will optimize your potential for fast growth on Instagram. A well-branded, quality Instagram profile makes your content easily digestible, and keeps your followers coming back for more.


[Day 3/7] Injecting branding into your Instagram presence


In this email, we will go over the 4 key steps of a well-branded Instagram page – a recognizable and searchable username, a branded profile picture, and a personal and meaningful bio with a link, and a dedicated style.


1.    A recognizable and searchable username


First things first, we need to discuss having a well branded Instagram username. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to find you in the Instagram search. To do so, make sure you have your full name in the “name” section of your profile so it is more likely that if someone tries to search you by name, you are one of the first people that come up in the search.


Also, complicated @ names are not only hard to remember but also feel spammy. For example, if my username was @__fit1_health__234, that is not aesthetic, easy to remember, & is impossible to brand. @fitnesswithfrank flows better and immediately one may assume that I am in the fitness niche, and then my bio immediately solidifies that assumption.


2.    A branded profile picture

DO (3).png

Your profile picture is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile because it is clearly visible whenever anyone clicks on your posts or visits your profile. For this reason, your profile picture should be very distinct & more than likely will either be a picture of your face or your brand’s logo. If you’re in the fitness niche, don’t have a picture of that huge bass you caught on last summer's fishing trip.


Whether you have a logo or a picture of yourself as your profile image, the image quality needs to be good. Having a pixelated, dark, & overall low-quality profile picture leaves a bad first impression. If you chose to have an image of yourself, make sure you are zoomed into your face, shoulders and up. (unless perhaps you are in the fitness niche and part of your brand is your body). This way, people can start to form a personal connection with your page through your profile image.


3.    A personal and meaningful bio with a call to action and a link

Your Instagram bio should be personal to your brand and outline who you are & what you do. Ideally, you want your bio to say a lot about you, your personality, and your brand, with few words. Your bio should inform other Instagram users of your niche and what you’re all about.


Use your bio to ENCOURAGE ACTION: There are several different methods you can use in your bio to help increase your page’s engagement rate and develop a bond with your followers. You can encourage your followers to use your brand’s personalized hashtag and maybe incentivize them to use your hashtag to be reposted on your page.


What most do is incentivize followers to click the link in their bio, that way you can pour Instagram traffic into other places, such as your website- where someone may be able to make a purchase.


4.    A personalized and recurring style

Once you’ve set up your branded username, profile picture, and bio, it’s time to talk style. Style is a more subtle element of branding. Your followers will subconsciously notice your account’s style. Style will give a specific feeling, or vibe, to your page. Just like when you match your clothes in the morning according to your style, your posts should match over time according to your brand’s style.


Elements of style include choosing a color palette, filters, fonts, etc, but precisely how to make your account’s style is content creation, which will be covered in our content creation email!


For now, decide on how you will execute the 4 key steps of a well-branded Instagram page – choose a recognizable and searchable username, take a branded profile picture, and design a personal and meaningful bio with a link, along with putting some thought into developing your style.


Once you establish these 4 key components of brand design for Instagram, you’re ready to get into content creation. Content is king on Instagram, it’s arguably the most important step you need to figure out before attracting in all of those valuable followers. So be sure not to miss out on tomorrows email!


Talk to you soon,


-Engagement Genie Team

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