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Guide Day 2

Day 2. Niche & Theme (how to fit in).

Look at you, you’ve made it to day two! We can almost hear your new follower notifications pouring in from here. Almost. We have a few more lessons to go.


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Now that you understand the theory of growing a page correctly (building a great page before attracting followers) we can explore further into how to exactly build that great page in the first place.


Today will be all about teaching you how to fit in on Instagram correctly, so you don't stick out like a sore thumb. If building a great Instagram page was like building a house, today we talk about finding the location to build your house and deciding on what type of house to build. We’re going to talk about niche and theme.


Let’s jump in!

[Day 2/7] Going beyond niche, developing a winning theme for your Instagram page.


Whether you have just started fresh on Instagram or already have an established page you’re struggling to grow, it is important to be cognizant of your niche and find what does well in your niche on Instagram. When you determine what does well, stick to that!


There are three steps to creating a well-niched, themed Instagram account:




Choose a niche, and stick to it



All too often, when we ask a client for our growth service, what is your niche on Instagram? We will get- “Oh I post a little about my travels, sometimes I'll do some yoga, and my puppy is just so cute I can't help but post her!!”


People with answers like this will mostly always have little to no following. It’s important to find a niche, and stick to it. If you’re a business that sells bicycles, stick to a bicycle themed page. Don’t post that sunset timelapse you filmed last weekend, no matter how cool it is.


Sticking with your niche will make others see you as an expert in a specific field rather than as someone with general abilities. This establishes your credibility on Instagram. Once you’ve really pinpointed your niche, you can begin to focus on developing a theme within your niche that will allow you to fit in better and be more appealing on Instagram. Again if building a page were akin to building a house, when you’ve found your niche, you’ve found the plot of land on which to build your home.


Now we can move on to deciding what type of house to build...




Developing theme within your niche



In order for a niched Instagram profile to entice people within that niche to engage, it is important to first ask yourself, “what theme do I want to follow within this niche on Instagram?”


Too many people make the mistake of not going deeper than just declaring what niche they are in. If you have a business in fitness niche, the theme of your Instagram page should not just be all about you as a fitness personality or your fitness business... Rather, your niched Instagram page should provide value that is interesting on its own through a specified theme (like tutorials, or humor, or motivation).


When you’ve themed your page, you now have value apart from who you are personally. When you establish this separate value,  then you will attract people to you or your business simply because the value your Instagram page provides is associated with you or your business, not because your page is all about your business.


Nobody wants to hear someone talk about themselves or their business. It’s just that simple & it doesn’t even matter if what you have to say about yourself is super interesting.


When your page has a specified theme (such as fitness tutorials), this allows your page to stand independent of your business (because tutorials are interesting on their own).


Here’s a good test to find out if you’re themed well enough: If you took your brand’s name out of the equation, would your page fall apart? Then you are not providing enough value. If you took your brand’s name out of the equation and your Instagram page is still valuable, then you are providing enough value.


If you’re having trouble developing a theme for your page, consider this- you will see a pattern within each niche on Instagram- common themes among the most successful Instagram pages within that niche. For example, if you look into the fitness niche on Instagram, you will find that a theme within that niche that tends to perform well and go viral is educational- tutorial workout videos, guides, explanatory captions etc. Similarly, in the makeup niche, a viral worthy theme is video tutorials with music in the background. Meanwhile, a motivational theme tends to perform well in the entrepreneur niche. (Now we’re not saying you have to create something like original tutorial videos daily, that’s a lot of work. An easy way to maintain your theme is to simply repost other relevant pics or video. So long as you credit the owner, there is nothing taboo about reposting content. But we’ll get more in-depth on this subject in our content creation email. For now, we’re sticking to niche and theme)


Once you’ve determined your theme, you can get creative, but first you will want to:




Check out your Competition:



It’ll make it easier for you. No matter how creative you are, it is nearly impossible to do something no one has done before when Instagram has 800 million users. Already having other people on Instagram in your niche is not a bad thing, it is actually to your advantage. Here’s how:


Take good aspects from a few quality accounts in your niche and put them together to make your own quality account. Being able to see what other successful accounts in your themed niche are currently doing and replicating what they are doing while adding some of your own unique personality and value will allow for speedy growth.


Instagram grows by millions of people every day so not one niche is truly over-saturated (Yet! So now is the time to grow an account). This means if you see something someone is doing that’s working, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Take it, put your own spin on it, and go! Instagram is so huge and growing so exponentially, that there is a great chance you and your competitors won't ever even have to share a considerable amount of followers at all.

Wrap up:


That being said guys, do spend a considerable amount of time thinking about which niche to specialize in and what theme you will make your account. But do NOT get stuck in the brainstorming phase by overthinking and then never getting around to actually starting to build your Instagram within your desired niche.


Now you’ve found your plot of land (niche) and decided on what type of housing to build (theme), you’re almost ready to start attracting followers! But not quite yet, there’s still a few more important things we need to cover.


Once you have specified what niche you are going to delve into and what unique value you’re going to provide in your account’s theme, it is time to inject branding into your Instagram presence. This is HUGE in staying memorable. You don’t want your followers to say to their friends when talking about you: : “Oh man I found the coolest Instagram page! I have to show it to you… but I can’t remember the name, oh well.”


This is what happens when you fail to brand yourself effectively. Tomorrow we find out how to avoid this common, growth-killing mistake...


Talk to you then!


- Engagement Genie Team

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The success of our clients is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused team effort.
— Arijana with Engagement Genie Team
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