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Guide Day 1

Day 1. Understanding How Successful Instagram Users Operate. 

Welcome to the 7-day, 7-part guide to cashing in on booming Instagram and growing a true organic following.


We’ve helped thousands of Instagram brands and influencers grow, many in the range of hundreds of thousands of followers. & If you’re reading this email, that means you want to be among these people...


We know what it’s like to spend so much time posting on Instagram and seeing virtually no results. But we also realize how lucrative social media can be.


So, how do we do it right?


It took us a long time to figure out exactly how to grow an Instagram page successfully, but since figuring it out, we’ve helped thousands of Instagram users do the same. Today our system is nearly bulletproof.


Will our method of growth work for you? That 100% depends on you. This is not an overnight solution. There is no pill to swallow, no magical wand you can wave to suddenly have tens of thousands of interested followers. Growing your following takes work, however there is a right and wrong way to put in that work. If you do things right, you can reap the benefits for years to come. We simply want to show you how to do things right.


First you’ll need to understand the truth about Instagram and how successful users behave on the platform. Then once you understand how and why successful people are successful, you’ll be able see how what they are doing is different from what you are doing. Then you’ll be able to put in the work to become successful on the platform yourself.


Here is a preview of what is to come in the next week.


The 7-day course contents:


-Today: The right way to use Instagram: how successful users operate on the platform.

-Day 2: Going beyond niche, developing a winning theme for your Instagram page

-Day 3: Injecting branding into your Instagram presence

-Day 4: Creating content that encourages engagement

-Day 5: Managing your engagement rate (crucial)

-Day 6: Maximizing your Instagram exposure (gaining those sweet, sweet followers)

-Day 7: Exploring engagement groups (optional engagement boost)


We cover a lot in these emails! Stuff we do not offer ANYWHERE else.


So, if you really want to gain a loyal Instagram following, make these next seven days the most important days for your brand’s online presence. If you read every single one of these emails carefully, you’ll know more about growing an Instagram following than most Fortune 500 companies.


Don’t put it off. It’s just 7 emails in 7 days. Your fanbase awaits. Ready to get started?


[Day 1/7] The right way to use Instagram: how successful users operate on the platform.

meme 1.PNG

Get familiar with Instagram-


Have you ever wondered how the 'popular accounts' did it? What drives hundreds of thousands of potential followers in your niche to choose the popular pages over your page? If you’re expecting us to tell you all the juicy little secrets no one knows about the making of a popular account, take a deep breath and count to ten, because this won't come until later emails. It’s nothing personal- it’s actually for your own good!


You see, too many people try to grow their Instagram too eagerly. They immediately try to focus on bringing in as many followers as they can. While this is extremely important, you need to see this as a step two, not a step one.


First, you have to create a nurturing environment for your followers. THEN you can focus on promoting and bringing them in. Read the below analogy to better understand.


Think of you Instagram page as housing, and your followers as tenants. If you spend time create great housing with plentiful amenities, then your tenants will be extremely happy and stay for years to come! But if you neglect taking care of your properties, your potential tenants will walk in, take one look around and run for the hills when they see all the rats and spiderwebs.


The idea here is to understand that while we absolutely will get to the technical details in teaching you how to grow a huge following, first you must understand how to create a nurturing environment for those followers, so they stay for years to come; this way all your efforts to attract them won't go wasted.


This first email is very basic. We simply want to get you into the right head-space before moving forward with the technical growth stuff.


Now whether you deploy the future growth techniques yourself or use a company like us to do it for you, it's important to know that promoting is useless without first understanding that creating a captivating Instagram presence comes first. What good is promoting an Instagram page that people generally don't care for? First comes making your Instagram account worth following from the eyes of a potential follower, then comes promoting and gaining yourself a nice following.


While this basic lesson on Instagram theory seems simple, it is so so important to internalize and keep this lesson with you moving forward. Believe it or not you now know more than 80% of users on Instagram & you’re only on email one!


Tomorrow we're going to teach you about going beyond just niche and how to develop an Instagram specific theme that is an essential step to growing a large Instagram presence.


Talk to you then!


Note that replying to this email will send an email straight to our support team. We’re happy to hear from you at any time with questions you may have during the next 7 days. So, feel free to hit that reply button to check in and say hi!



-Engagement Genie Team

“Social media has leveled the playing field for small business. Our number one goal is to help our clients go from small fish to big fish in the highly opportunistic world of social media- and we love every minute of it”
— -David with Engagement Genie Team
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